Aaron was born and raised in Kansas and attended the Kansas School for the Deaf (KSD) from 1956 to 1967. He was fortunate to have a strong performing arts program available to him while he was at KSD and that has instilled a life long love for the arts and literature.

Since then he has had opportunities to be an actor, director, and playwright.  All of this had contributed towards an enriching life experience that he remains fully grateful for having achieved.

His teachers at the school saw early on that he had potential to be a good teacher and encouraged him to follow that career direction. Naturally being a stubborn person he went on a long roundabout journey to other fields and experiences. However, late in his life he found his journey brought him back to teaching and the experience at NTID, Department of Cultural and Creative Studies has been an enriching experience for him.

He is currently working on his my Ph. D in education from Northeastern University with expectations to complete his work by 2012.

Master of Arts – English Literature Cleveland State University, 2001

Bachelor of Arts – English Literature Cleveland State University, 1994


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