An accomplished actor, director, playwright and lecturer, Bernard Bragg has trekked around the globe for fifty years beginning in 1956 when he studied with Marcel Marceau in Paris upon his invitation. As if that was hardly sufficient, he arking on yet another trip to Europe in January 2009 to deliver a keynote address at BDA Conference in England. In the 1960s, he played an instrumental role during the formative years of the NTD, contributing as an NTD leading actor, administrator, and sign master for ten years. Readers will remember him in The Quiet Man TV series as well as in CBS’s A Child’s Christmas in Wales and TV movie And Your Name is Jonah, among many others. He has written numerous articles and several books related to theatre and signed arts. Among his many national and international awards, Mr. Bragg was awarded an honorary doctorate in Human Letters from Gallaudet in recognition of his extraordinary service to deaf people of the world in theatre, education and communication. He was also awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from World Federation of the Deaf in appreciation of his pioneering efforts in theatre, culture and signed arts. A resident of California, Mr. Bragg continues to enjoy giving lectures, workshops and one-man shows around the country and aboard.


Lessons in laughter

Signs of silence