Raymond Luczak is the author and editor of ten books, including the award-winning novel MEN WITH THEIR HANDS (Suspect Thoughts Press) and the anthology EYES OF DESIRE 2: A DEAF GLBT READER(Handtype Press).  Thirteen of his plays have been performed in three countries so far.  His comedy, SNOOTY, the first place winner of the Samuel Edwards Deaf Playwright Competition 1990, was later published as a book by the Tactile Mind Press; it will be reprinted in his collection of full-length plays called PLAYING IT BY EYE: STAGE PLAYS ABOUT THE DEAF AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, which GallaudetUniversity Press will bring out in September 2009.  Also a filmmaker with two full-length documentaries to his credit, he lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

His web site is www.raymondluczak.com.

Photo by Louis M. Miranda


Eyes of Desire 2

Eyes of Desire 1

Silence is a four letter word

When I am dead