Playwright of several Deaf-themed plays. Dr. Steve Baldwin was born on March 2, 1944 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Before living in Texas the last 28 years since 1980, he worked in Wisconsin, Louisiana, New Mexico, Massachusetts and Utah as a teacher and administrator.

He has three college degrees and several teaching certificates. From Gallaudet, he received a BA in history, from CSUN, an MA in deaf education, and from the University of Texas at Austin, a doctorate in theatre history.

He has won many awards, honors and recognition for his writings and leadership, particularly the NAD Literary Award, Greenmun Memorial Award, and West Texas Chamber of Commerce Cultural Award. He is currently in two athletic halls of fame as a record-breaking long distance runner: GU Hall of Fame and USA Deaf Sports Federation.

He has produced over 20 of his own plays, scripted an award–winning minidocumentary, authored the NTD history book, wrote 122 interview shows, and published over 75 articles on a variety of subjects. He just completed his first screenplay and is now working on a new book.

Dr. Baldwin is now a retired educator who lives in Austin, Texas and is serving his second term as president of the Texas Association of the Deaf as well as the editor as The Deaf Texan.

Reproduced in this website are:

  • Obstacles, Develop, Divide, Destroy (Section 1 and 2)
  • Deaf Smith

Publication: Pictures in the Air