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Listing of books, articles, dissertations, scripts, videos and websites that cover Deaf theatre and sign language theatre.  Bibliography was developed by RIT Wallace Memorial librarian – Joan Naturale.

Title Date Author
Tales from a Clubroom 1980 Bergman, Eugene

Bragg, Bernard

A Case of Matter Over Mouth Baldwin, Steve
A Mafia Doctor Confesses Baldwin, Steve
A Play of Our Own – Part III 1979 Baldwin, Steve
A Play of Our Own – Part IV 1981 Baldwin, Steve
Birth of a Deaf Play Baldwin, Steve
Borderline 1980 Baldwin, Steve
Boston-Marathon Baldwin, Steve
Caught in Between Baldwin, Steve
Christmas Oasis 1980 Baldwin, Steve
Coronado Hill Country Baldwin, Steve
Deaf Smith: The Great  Texan Scout 1985 Baldwin, Steve
Develop, Divide, Destory 1988? Baldwin, Steve
Dr. Corson’s Famous Tuesday Nite at the Office Baldwin, Steve
Dynasty 1983 Baldwin, Steve
Friday Night Live! Baldwin, Steve
How to Break an Evil Bronco Baldwin, Steve
How to Pick A College President 1985 Baldwin, Steve
Le Petite Caporale, Napoleon – Part I Baldwin, Steve
Le Petite Caporale, Napoleon – Part II Baldwin, Steve
Love and Let Love Baldwin, Steve
Midnight Ride of Billy Dawes 1976 Baldwin, Steve
Obstacles Baldwin, Steve
Potluck Dinner Baldwin, Steve
Sign and Sound A Lovin’ 1980 Baldwin, Steve
T.H. Gallaudet and Monsieur Clerc: Coming to Terms 1988 Baldwin, Steve
True hero Baldwin, Steve
Twin D’Amorias Baldwin, Steve
Who’s Gonna be the Next Gally Prezy? Baldwin, Steve
You Were Ok, Ok, Fine, Fine 1979 Baldwin, Steve
Different Worlds 1979 Bangs, Donald
Dracula 1981 Bangs, Donald
Institutional Blues 1993 Bangs, Donald & DeLap, Jan
Jealousy 1985 Bangs, Donald
Sea Princess 1980 Bangs, Donald
The Miser 1981 Bangs, Donald
The Phoney 1991 Bangs, Donald
The Touch 1976 Bangs, Donald
Black Woman’s Stories: One Deaf Experience 1992/3 Banks, Michelle
Reflections of a Black Deaf Woman 1995 Banks, Michelle
There’s a Butter, but No Bread 1990 Banks, Michelle & Holt, Monique
Fish nor Fowl 1984 Bergman, Eugene
A Nice Place to Live Blue, Adrian
Circus of Signs 1982 Blue, Adrian
A Journey Into the World of Visual Wonders Bragg, Bernard
Laugh Properly, Please 1999 Bragg, Bernard
On the Golden Wedding Anniversary 1998 Bragg, Bernard
That Makes Two of Us 1982 Bragg, Bernard
To Whom It May Concern 1998 Bragg, Bernard
True Deaf 2000 Bragg, Bernard
The Good Peddler 1961 Burke, Donald
Broken Spoke 1990 Conley, Willy
Falling on Hearing Eyes: of Sign/Anguish for People with Communication Disorders 1998 Conley, Willy
For Every Man, Woman, and Child 1999 Conley, Willy
Goya – en la Quinta del Sordo (in the house of the deaf man) 2002 Conley, Willy
Oh, Figaro! 2003 Conley, Willy
Playing Seriously 1994 Conley, Willy
Tales from India 2004 Conley, Willy
The Fallout Shelter 2000 Conley, Willy
The Hearing Test 1991 Conley, Willy
Water Falls 1996 Conley, Willy
Vignettes of the Deaf Character 1997 Conley, Willy
Am I Paranoid? 1992 Daniels, Bob
I Didn’t Hear the Color 1990 Daniels, Bob
Meta 1993 Durr, Patricia
Sign Off 1993 Durr, Patricia
Can Do: A Revue 1989 Eastman, Gilbert
Hands 1975 Eastman, Gilbert
Laurent Clerc: A Profile 1976 Eastman, Gilbert
Sign Me Alice 1973 Eastman, Gilbert
Sign Me Alice II 1983 Eastman, Gilbert
What 1981 Eastman, Gilbert
2 Women Writers 1982 Galloway, Terry
Hamlet in Berlin 1985 Galloway, Terry
Heart of a Dog 1984 Galloway, Terry
Lardo Weeping 1993 Galloway, Terry
Out All Night and Lost My Shoes 1986 Galloway, Terry
Out of Their Minds 1984 Galloway, Terry
The Deaf Man Howls 1989 Hlibok, Bruce
Women Talk 1984 Hlibok, Bruce
Horses Tell No Lies 1979 Hlibok, Bruce
Going Home 1980 Hlibok, Bruce
Mabel and Alexander 1980 Hlibok, Bruce
Where or When 1980 Hlibok, Bruce
The White Room I 1980 Hlibok, Bruce
The White Room II 1980 Hlibok, Bruce
Nobody 1980 Hlibok, Bruce
Executive Order #9066 1981 Hlibok, Bruce
The Passions of Rita H. 1985 Hlibok, Bruce
Something for Nothing 1985 Hlibok, Bruce
Rainfall 1988 Hlibok, Bruce
The Merry Widow 1988 Hlibok, Bruce
Lovelost 1990 Hlibok, Bruce
Deafwatch: Silence 1990 Hlibok, Bruce
Deafasty 1985 Holcomb, Tom
Hear No Scream: AIDS in the Deaf 1995 Holcomb, Tom
Side by Side Holcomb, Tom
The Week the World Heard Gallaudet Holcomb, Tom
The Night was So Hungry That Ate the Moon 2006 Holt, Monique
Deaf History: Time Machine 1978 Jacobowitz, E. Lynn
Deafective 1978 Jacobowitz, E. Lynn
Oh, Stop! Oh, Stop! 1981 Jacobowitz, E. Lynn
Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy 1978 Jacobowitz, E. Lynn
Solar System 1978 Jacobowitz, E. Lynn
Theatre House 1979 Jacobowitz, E. Lynn
Voyage 1979 Jacobowitz, E. Lynn
10 Handful of Myths 1996 Kelstone, Aaron
25 Cents 1991 Kelstone, Aaron
Handful of Myths 1995 Kelstone, Aaron
Legend of Sleeping Hollow 2000 Kelstone, Aaron
Lysistrata 2005 Kelstone, Aaron
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 2000 Kelstone, Aaron
The Giving Tree and Other Stories 2003 Kelstone, Aaron
Contract With the Devil 1981 Kennedy, Ray
Deafia 1977 Kennedy, Ray
Profile of a Deaf Peddler 1999 Lamitola, Mike
Among Fathers 1997 Luczak, Raymond
Beauty & the Beast 2004 Luczak, Raymond
Daffodils 1995 Luczak, Raymond
Darkest Room in the House in process Luczak, Raymond
Deal in process Luczak, Raymond
Doogle 2005 Luczak, Raymond
Gambit in process Luczak, Raymond
Hippos & Giraffes 2002 Luczak, Raymond
Honeymoon in process Luczak, Raymond
I Never Slept With Helen Keller in process Luczak, Raymond
In Love and Trust I Lust 2005 Luczak, Raymond
Interpretations 2001 Luczak, Raymond
Jackhammer in process Luczak, Raymond
Lifeguard in process Luczak, Raymond
Love in My Veins 2003 Luczak, Raymond
Penny Lover in process Luczak, Raymond
Six Women In Search of a Perfect Play 1994 Luczak, Raymond
Snooty 1996 Luczak, Raymond
The Happy De Von Campers in process Luczak, Raymond
The Rake 1992 Luczak, Raymond
This 2003 Luczak, Raymond
Threshold in process Luczak, Raymond
Whispers of a Savage Sort 1996 Luczak, Raymond
White Chocolate in process Luczak, Raymond
And Gladly Teche Malzkuhn, Eric
Color of Love Malzkuhn, Eric
Crooked Cop Malzkuhn, Eric
Moments Preserved 1966 Malzkuhn, Eric
Sounds of Silence 1955 Malzkuhn, Eric
The Eternal Road Malzkuhn, Eric
The Flying Zarillas Malzkuhn, Eric
The Lonely Malzkuhn, Eric
Silent Salzburg Medugno, Richard
Language of One Merkin, Lewis
The Signal Season of Dummy Hoy Meyer, Alan & Nowak, Michael
A Play of Our Own, Trouble’s Just Beginning 1973 Miles, Dorothy
Bell in Hell 2004 Mow, Shanny
Counterfeits 1995 Mow, Shanny
Daisy & Pole & Milly & Mike & The Superintendent & The Spanking Machine 1978 Mow, Shanny
Eight Handfuls of Myth 1992 Mow, Shanny
Fingers Around the World: Africa 2006 Mow, Shanny
Fingers Around the World: Orient 2004 Mow, Shanny
Fingers Around the World:South of the Border 2005 Mow, Shanny
Gilgamesh 1981 Mow, Shanny
Legend Da La Llorna 1990 Mow, Shanny
Legend of La Lalloronoa or the Weeping Woman 1990 Mow, Shanny
Letters From Heaven 1991 Mow, Shanny
Love Thy Neighbor 1995 Mow, Shanny
Myths: Baked, Boiled, & Fried 1992 Mow, Shanny
Odyssey 1989 Mow, Shanny
Parzival, From the Horse’s Motuh 1982 Mow, Shanny
Selecting a Ghost 1997 Mow, Shanny
Shakespeare Unmasked 1995 Mow, Shanny
Shakespeare Unmasked II 1998 Mow, Shanny
Snow White and Too Many Cooks 1999 Mow, Shanny
Squanto Spoke English 1998 Mow, Shanny
The Cat Spanking Machine 1997 Mow, Shanny
The Ghost of Chastity Past 1981 Mow, Shanny
The Greatest Little Sign Show 1988 Mow, Shanny
The Iliad, Play by Play 1980 Mow, Shanny
The Spanking Machine 1978 Mow, Shanny
The Woman Who Wins Every Bet 2001 Mow, Shanny
You Asked For It 1990 Mow, Shanny
There and Back Nelson, Kate
Appointments with Fred 1989 O’Rourke, Terrence
Another Play of Our Own, Part II Peterson, Rico
Seeing Place Peterson, Rico
Star Teall, Dorothy
The Dream 1912 Terry, Howard
Molded 1987 Theriot-Sacceti, Terrylene
Unveiling the Rock 1993 Theriot-Sacceti, Terrylene
A Laying of Hands 1993 Verhoosky, Michele
Beyond the Blue 2002 Verhoosky, Michele
I See the Moon 2008 Verhoosky, Michele
Middle of Nowhere 1996 Verhoosky, Michele
The Sound of Silence 2004 Weiner, Craig

3D started in 2002 with project funding and support from Derby CVS and Red Earth Theatre Company, which continued for 2 years. Since then they have become an independent company managed by Deaf volunteers. Through the company deaf adults are able to learn new skills such as: Working in a team, Acting, Administration/Publicity, Building/making set, props etc., Directing and many more

The only professional Deaf Theatre in Australia founded in 1979. first Deaf artistic director, Carol-Lee Aquiline, appointed in 1989

Founded by Ed Waterstreet and Linda Bove in 1991. Focus is Los Angeles, California area. Current Artistic Director is DJ Kurs.

British Deaf Theatre founded in 2002.

French Deaf Theatre

First American professional Deaf theatre founded in 1967.


Signdance collective is an international dance theatre company based in South-East England and Amsterdam. Led by Deaf and physically artists, it heads the development of the art form; signdance theatre.

Swedish Deaf Theatre with a vision to become a center and meeting place for Deaf stage arts.

teater MANU-

Deaf Theater in Norway


Deaf Theatre in Colorado, formerly known as Rocky Mountain Deaf Theatre.